Canadians Still Helping Rebuild Fort McMurray

August 16, 2017

London, Ontario firm finds unique way to support homeowners in Fort McMurray

(Fort McMurray) - As Fort McMurray residents are stepping up to help the people fleeing wildfires in
British Columbia, people across Canada are still reaching out and helping rebuild Fort McMurray.

The more than 100 employees of Airia Brands Inc., the manufacturers of Lifebreath heat recovery
ventilation units (HRVs) in London, Ontario, gave to the Red Cross for Fort Mac, but they wanted to do
something more direct and personal. They’ve spent the last year working on a plan to try to do
something to touch all those who lost their homes in the 2016 wildfire.

“We were all heartbroken over the devastation in Fort Mac. We set out with a goal of helping the
community in our own unique way,” says Marco Di Cola, of Lifebreath.

Airia Brands Inc. is directly donating Lifebreath HRVs to the NSUUR program for all those who were
uninsured or underinsured. For insured homeowners, Lifebreath is offering a $300 rebate, for all
Lifebreath HRV installed as their homes are rebuilt.

“Insurance isn’t going to cover everything people may need or want as they rebuild their homes and
lives, so the rebate gives them some extra cash to work with. We really wanted to reach out and
personally touch those who lost so much,” added Mr. Di Cola

Lifebreath HRVs energy efficiently cycle fresh air into homes, while expelling stale air and moisture,
improving indoor air quality. HRVs are becoming mandatory under building codes across Canada, and
they help meet the Alberta Building Code.

“We know these are important for healthier homes, so we devised a plan to try to get as many into
homes being rebuilt in Fort Mac, ” explained Mr. Di Cola.

To help people qualify for the rebate, Airia Brands is reaching out to the building community in Fort
McMurray encouraging them to install Lifebreath HRVs in homes and small businesses as they rebuild.

“We are working closely with our local distributors, Ecco Supply™ and Sinclair Supply™, and reaching out
to builders and contractors so they can help people qualify for the rebate by simply choosing and
installing a Lifebreath HRV for the rebuild.”