Innovation at Lifebreath

May 31, 2016

Lifebreath is pleased to announce our new generation of easy to install and simple to operate HRV & ERV ventilation controls. 

The main controls all have simple one touch functions and are compatible with the new DET-02 wireless timer. 

The wireless timer is a breakthrough for new construction projects and retrofits.

  • Lower labour and material costs (no wire, no electrical boxes)
  • No rough in required
  • No wiring required (Damaged or lost wiring is a thing of the past)
  • Replace an old two wire timer with a modern 20-40-60 minute timer when upgrading an older unit
  • Fits a standard Decora switch plate or easily surface mounted on its’ own
  • 5 year battery life

Simply pair the timer to the main BC or Deluxe control, choose your location, install the timer. You are done! The new timers have a 40 foot range and an optional repeater is available to boost the signal if required.

Easy installation, cost savings and flexibility. An absolute win for the installer and the homeowner