Lifebreath announces our next generation of HRV/ERV controls!

January 18, 2016

Airia Brands Inc. (Airia), manufacturer of the industry-leading Lifebreath indoor air quality products, is pleased to announce the launch of our new HRV & ERV Residential and Commercial control
lineup rolling out over the next few months.

Airia is introducing a new modern Digital Wall control featuring an LCD screen, stylish slim design and five selectable modes of operation, simple to program with a touch of a button. Features also include 10 min. ON/ 50 min. standby, for when the home is unoccupied or activity is low, high speed fan override in 20, 40 or 60 min. intervals for high activity levels, maintenance reminder and a reset button. All the features required for on demand control strategies to maximize comfort and energy savings.

Also highlighted in this launch is our new Wireless Timer which we believe is a game changer. The Lifebreath Wireless Timer will enable HVAC contractors to save significant
time, labour and material costs on a typical new construction or retrofit installation of Lifebreath HRV’s and ERV’s!

Our redesigned, simple yet sophisticated Basic Controls are now available in 3 models that each allow the operator complete satisfaction over their indoor environment.

The full Lifebreath Controls & Timers lineup includes:

  • Digital Wall Control (DXPL-02)
  • 3 Basic wall controls
         > BC02 - ON/OFF, Low & High Fan Speeds, dehumidistat function
         > BC03 - same as BC02 + 20-40 min. recirculation feature
         > BC04 - same as BC02 (no dehumidistat function) - ideal for ERV’s
  • Wireless Timer (DET02)
  • Standard Timer (DET01)

Airia’s new controls will be added to orders as current stock is depleted. Stickers have been added to the outside of the box for easy identification.

Any questions or concerns please contact your Territory Manager.

The full product lineup details can be found at