Revamped cold weather 130 ERV-D

March 10, 2017
130 ERV D

Lifebreath revamps our cold weather 130-ERV-D obtaining a higher efficiency rating.


Airia Brands Inc. is pleased to announce the recertification of our most popular compact cold weather ERV, the 130-ERVD. An ideal alternative for the builder or contractor who prefers the benefits of an Energy Star Certified residential ERV solution for use in colder North American climate zones.

The compact design combined with superior performance makes the 130ERV-D a perfect solution to satisfy residential new construction building codes and builder packages. It meets or exceeds new Ontario Building Code 2017, Novoclimate 2.0 in Quebec, ASHRAE 62.2 along with many energy efficiency programs throughout North America. The 130 ERV-D offers even higher energy efficiency obtaining a 75% Sensible Recovery Efficiency (SRE) @ 64 CFM (30 L/s) at 32F (0C) and 60% SRE @ 65 CFM (31L/s) at -13F (-25C.

“Exclusive to Lifebreath”, the 130 ERVD features our Intelligent Defrost Damper Motor. This unique component provides power saving standby mode when not cycling, an energy efficient DC motor and integrated “ice breaker technology” with temperature compensated torque for reliable operation in any application. The end result is optimum product reliability, superior protection for the ERV core and a very satisfied customer!

130 ERV-D Status:  in production and available to order now!

Part#  100-130ERV-D (D - recirculating damper defrost)

Standard features include:

  • HVI certified for cold weather -13F(-25C)
  • Energy Star certified
  • Simplified ERV control strategy
    • Works with any of our Lifebreath controls
    • Compatible with our DET01 wired timer and our new DET02 wireless timer
  • Convenient hanging straps for easy one person installation
  • Recirculation mode maintains neutral/balanced pressure in all modes
  • Integrated drain pan and drain connection for condensate (when needed)
  • High speed select for 3 cfm ranges in 1
  • Compact top port design with built-in balancing dampers

Intelligent Defrost Damper Motor—Exclusive to Lifebreath